Submission Guidelines

If you wish to contribute an article please contact us at staff [at] sccharmschool [dot] org and let us know. Due to some slowness in internet connection in some of our locations, we do appreciate a note with a brief summary before you send us a file. Please do keep the following guidelines in mind, and check back as they may be updated over time.

1) The Sarah Connor Charm School was founded as a fan project to celebrate the character of Sarah Connor as portrayed by Linda Hamilton in The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Therefore when offering articles regarding the franchise, please consider that any other actress portraying Sarah Connor is probably going to be rejected here. Critique of those movies and the TV series that followed are welcome, but please keep in mind the following criteria as well. And now that certain things are over, we also do not need to be extremely mean. Discussion of Sarah Connor as portrayed in other media, such as novels and comics, is also very welcome, as is speculation of Hamilton's return in any future films.

2) The Sarah Connor Charm School is predicated on the concept of Physical Feminism. This feminist theory, apparently coined, or at least promoted, by Martha McCaughey (Real Knockouts: The Physical Feminism of Women's Self-Defense), offers the idea that women's self-determination of our own defense and physical power is a subversive to the rape culture that we live in. It is a concept that physical power and safety do not belong to men, that physical power is not gender specific any more than any of the so-called "gender traits" of personality that our culture, most cultures, assign us.
We do acknowledge and are essentially doing this as culture does, however, create an unbalance, both in our belief systems and the knowledge base women have compared to men. While fitness training, self-defense, defensive shooting training is at it's core the same for women as for men, women often have to overcome emotional and mental obstacles as well as make up for physical training we may have missed out on earlier. Therefore we must work to correct this imbalance and support each other. And we are always looking for material on how to over come these cultural imbalances.
We may accept posts that do not totally reflect Physical Feminism, if they have otherwise good material, although we do draw the line at anything that actually claims that women are by nature physically or otherwise inferior to men. Or for that matter that men are inferior to women in anyway. Let's keep any form of bashing out of this. We also draw the line at fitness articles that offer show how to "fight those female fat zones," "let's not get too big" or otherwise suggest we train differently than men. And, of course, anything more obviously inappropriate.

3) We want material from women, from women's experiences, due to #2. We MAY accept a post from a male supporter of the Charm School, if we feel the material warrants it. The most likely articles of this sort that will be accepted will detail personal experience with learning that women can kick your ass and why you appreciate knowing that. ~;)